The Bla베트맨토토ck Duck on Sunset
1 Suns베트맨토토et Blvd.
West Cape May, NJ

Reservations: 609-898-0100 or Reserve Online

Hours of Oper베트맨토토ation:

Serving Dinner
Friday & Sa베트맨토토turday Evenings
Start베트맨토토ing at 5PM

Early Bird Nightly



At the top of Sunset Boul베트맨토토evard in West Cape May rests The Black 베트맨토토Duck on Sunset Restaura베트맨토토nt. Nestled in a traditional seashore베트맨토토 gray clapboard house, The Bla베트맨토토ck Duck on Sunset is only베트맨토토 moments away from the Washington Street Mall and t베트맨토토he heart of the historic district of Ca베트맨토토pe May, It is also conveniently located on the way베트맨토토 to Cape May's Lighthouse, the Concrete Sunken Ship and the New Jer베트맨토토sey Audubon Society's popular observa베트맨토토tory at Cape May Point.

The Black Duck is reminisce베트맨토토nt of an old Cape베트맨토토May porch, 베트맨토토featuring cool, casual environm베트맨토토ent. Tr베트맨토토opical palms, black and whit베트맨토토e photographs of long ago Cape May, 베트맨토토porch dining and backyard 베트맨토토azebo set베트맨토토 the stage for a 베트맨토토truly memorable d베트맨토토ining experience. This solid but unpre베트맨토토tentious Victorian feels much like you would expect E베트맨토토rnest Hemingway to pop his head out from any doorway.

This BYOB gourmet bistro's wicker-paddle ce베트맨토토iling fans stir 베트맨토토the air for a cuisine categorized as "Darn베트맨토토 good." Comfort is the key베트맨토토 when describing The Black Duck베트맨토토's menu. Fresh sea베트맨토토food from l베트맨토토ocal waters and around the베트맨토토 world, an extensive a베트맨토토ppetizer select베트맨토토ion, slow roasted honey gl베트맨토토azed duck to char grilled steaks will satisfy and discerning베트맨토토 palate. To tru베트맨토토ly enjoy this experience, desse베트맨토토rt is a must. Complete 베트맨토토your evening with homemade sorbets or베트맨토토 ice creams, whisky bread pudding o베트맨토토r triple layered Black Duck chocolat베트맨토토e mousse cake.

The Black Duck Rest베트맨토토aurant also offers a perfect ven베트맨토토ue for small, int베트맨토토imate weddings,베트맨토토 private partie베트맨토토s, rehearsal dinners for catered events.